Potent Ulcerative Colitis Natural Treatments

ginger root
Ginger root has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory-promoting properties

The exact cause of ulcerative colitis is still not yet completely known, hence, the exact cure for this disease is still not totally determined likewise. There are, however, available medical treatments to assuage the symptoms of this disease, maintain remission, and temporarily preclude relapse; but most of these available treatments usually have concomitant side effects. Of course, medical practitioners may argue that the treatments they offer are scientifically sound. Yet, how can they be so scientific if they don’t know exactly the cause of ulcerative colitis.

There is, at present, a growing number of patients with ulcerative colitis who are opting for natural treatments for this disease. These patients argue that if Mother Nature has always been generous in providing us with whatever we need, then Mother Nature would surely be twice generous in providing us with natural treatments for ulcerative colitis; and we only have to find and figure out that cure in the natural world.

Natural Remedies for Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative colitis natural treatments include those treatments that do not make use of synthetic or artificial medicine. These natural treatments do not solely refer to herbal treatments but may also refer to any regimental treatment that does not involve the use of synthetic medicines. The following are three of the most potent natural herbal remedies for ulcerative colitis:

  1. Turmeric, an herbaceous plant belonging to the ginger family, can be easily bought from the nearest supermarket. Its active ingredient is curcumin – a bright yellow chemical – known for its medicinal benefits. Regular consumptions of turmeric can diminish infections, skin diseases, cancers, and digestive problems like ulcerative colitis. Some studies on the use of turmeric have shown that the intake of turmeric has a remarkable lasting positive impact on patients with ulcerative colitis. Moreover, there is a growing number of people who would readily testify that their gastric problems, like ulcerative colitis, have been greatly diminished by the constant intake of Turmeric.
  2. Ginger has gingerol – a pungent ingredient – which has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory-promoting properties (Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2005 Sep 23;335). The past 25 years had shown noteworthy studies on the anti-inflammatory properties of ginger. Its ability to inhibit prostaglandin biosynthesis has been, time and again, proven on several experiments. Ginger likewise modulates the biochemical pathways that are activated in most chronic inflammations. These properties make ginger a potent treatment for ulcerative colitis.
  3. Psyllium (Plantago Ovata), found in North Africa, Mediterranean region, and Asia, produces soluble fiber that has been used to treat anal fissures, hemorrhoids, constipation, irritable bowel, and ulcerative colitis. Some medical research showed that intake of psyllium fiber can reduce cholesterol by almost 9 percent. Moreover, several studies, conducted on patients with ulcerative colitis, have shown that regular intake of psyllium has the same effect as that of Mesalazine, a prescription drug for ulcerative colitis.

Other natural treatments for ulcerative colitis include probiotics (the use of microorganisms as treatment), immediate treatment of anemia which is also considered as a causative factor to the onset of ulcerative colitis, intake of supplements, management of stress, and habitual practice of healthier lifestyle.